Monday, 5 November 2012

Banana, Walnut and Coconut Coffee Cake

This moist and tender cake with rich taste of banana is accented by the lively tang of sour cream.

I made this cake for our The Home Bakers' (THB) group. THB is a bloghop organised by the wonderful Joyce of The Kitchen Flavours. For this event we are baking all the recipes from one book, Coffee Cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas, until all the recipes has been baked. Our 11th bake for The Home Bakers' Club , The Banana,Macademia nut and Coconut Coffee Cake, was chosen by Kit of I-Lost in Austen. Kit has a beautiful blog with lovely pictures of her beloved flowers and delightful recipes. As per the rules of The Home Bakers' Club, only the host of the chosen bake can post the recipe on her/his blog. Please hop on to Kit's blog here for the full recipe.

                       Can you see the white yummy coconut flakes poking out from the cake?? yum yum 

I chose to bake this cake with walnuts instead of Macademia because.......well that's what I had in my pantry :), and Macademia are very expensive and hard to get hold of in India. This coffee cake is actually a quick bread wherein we mix the dry and wet ingredients separately and then finally fold in the two together. Only difference being, this one is baked in a round cake tin instead of a loaf pan or muffin tin.

The cake is very moist and flavourful with all the bananas, rum, cinnamon and walnuts. The coconuts added an extra texture and depth to the cake, taking what would be a simple banana-bread, to a whole new level.

Please visit The Home Bakers' Club's site to see the awesome bakes by my other baking buddies and don't forget to get your recipe from Kit's blog.
                                                    Welcome to The Home Bakers


  1. Awesome combo in a yummy cake. Would love a slice now

  2. Hi Anuja,
    Your cake looks exactly like mine! :)
    I love the flaky coconut against the soft cake, yum! This is a lovely cake, another keeper recipe! Glad that everyone enjoyed it!
    Have a great week!

  3. Anuja,
    You did great with our 11th bake! Fab!

  4. looks awesome n wonderful clicks too..

  5. Delicious coffee cake. Awesome.

  6. Macadamia is also very expensive here in KL, so I would probably substitute with walnuts too. What a lovely looking cake!

  7. Hi Anuja,

    It has been a while since we "chat". How are you and your trip?

    I'm now back to Melbourne and blogging but will give this cake a miss because my family strangely didn't like coconut in our bakes.

    Your cake look fantastic!


  8. Hi Anuja, Wow! Your cake looks absolutely divine with lovely coconut flakes! Truly glad that you like it , bake along with me & the kind words. This is indeed another keeper recipe. I've been MIA myself for a couple of weeks, My sis & her family visited us recently; So no worries. Thanks again for your support, really appreciate it. Have a wonderful week ahead! :)

  9. Hi Anuja, your cake sure look superb. So mouth watering, love the combo. Got any more left, wish I can have one slice right now.

    Have a nice week ahead, regards. With hugs and love to you.

  10. Hi Anuja! Your cake looks really lovely and delicious! I've finished mine, can I get a piece from you? ;)

  11. hi anuja, your cake turned out lovely and agree with you that it is indeed a moist cake and me too love the addition of coconut flakes :)

  12. Hi Anuja,

    I like the way your cake looks wholesome and reminds me of home :) I love the way it looks very moist too.

  13. Eileen, Hundred Eighty Degrees12 November 2012 at 08:04

    Hi Anuja, your cake looks lovely and good :)

  14. this looks exquisite Anuja. lovely recipe and such great texture.
    Happy diwali to you and your family.

  15. Hi Anuja, Happy Diwali to you and family. Hope you have a good time and enjoy your holiday.

    With lots of love and hugs to you. muaaahhhhzzzzz............

  16. Hi Anuja, dropping by to wish you & your family a Happy Diwali. Sending you lots of love & hugs, dear friend! :)

  17. Lovely looking cake...banana sounds like a great addition to the classic coffee and walnut!:-)

  18. Hi Anuja,
    This is a nice coffee cakes.
    Love the walnut and the coconut flakes added sounds so delish!

  19. Hi Anuja, drop by to say hellooooooooo, how are you and your family? Hope everything is fine at your side. With hugs and kisses to you. Take care.

    Have a fabulous week ahead,regards.

  20. Hi
    I've been a reader of your blog for quite sometime now. its my go to guide for all things related to baking. So here is my question I'm considering buying an oven for doing more baking. I have a panasonic microwave cum oven which is completely unreliable as an oven. I'm open to a biggish front opening oven that I intend to use for a long time from now. I'm clueless about which brand to go in from. Would love to get your advice.

    1. Hi wajiha,
      Thanx for taking out time and visiting. So glad to hear that you find it helpful. Well I use a Morphy Richards 52 ltrs OTG. It's a very simple old fashioned oven that means no digital display or any other fancy stuff :). But m quite happy with the outcome of my products. I also use an oven thermometer because ovens tend to be quite temperamental.
      Hope you find this info useful.

  21. Anuja,
    Your cake looks flavorful and moist.
    It is simply delish !!
    Have a great weekend .

  22. Hi Anuja! A bit late to comment but I finally posted mine and came to see how beautiful your cake looks!! Congrats :) :)

  23. These look so healthy and breakfasty, I would nearly convince myself they are healthy and not a cake in the morning!!!!

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  25. Hi Anuja, I read over on your Cumin Cookie post, that you joined Sophia college for their 1 year certificate course. How's it going? I so want to join it too. Can you help me with what's the procedure, and how's the course shaping up to be?

  26. Hi Anuja, it has been a long time I didn't come over your site. Sorry for my busy - ness. So how's life? So far I didn't see you baking for easy & bake along event any more. I've been a very tight working schedule, I just started to bake and join the event recently. Take care ya.


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