Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mango Mascarpone Cheese Ice Cream

It's almost May-end and I haven't yet posted any mango recipe (except for mango lime tart, which I posted at the very start of the mango season). Well what can I say, I was busy with watermelons and strawberries, and also I was not able to salvage even one mango from my forever-hungry-for-more-mangoes family members (we are having aam ras with chapatis at lunch, mango shakes at noon and even having a fruit platter, ladden with mangoes, after dinner). So when my fruit vendor called me up (yes! he has a "high tech" stall at Vashi's Fruits and Vegetables Market and runs a smooth operation...go figure ) and asked if I'll be needing one more "peti" (box) of "haapus aam" (alphonsos)?? I said yes please! but do send me another dozen in a different box..he he.. I thought that was very smart of me to buy a different box for my culinary adventures..but sigh..I was grossly mistaken or I undervalued my family's potential. Whatevah!! I managed to save/salvage four mangoes to make this icy-cool-creamy concoction and boy it was polished off within 10 minutes of getting out of freezer (and that includes time for my photo session). What can I say...We are one mango loving family!

This ice cream is inspired by the recipe of  Chef Glyston Gracias of Smoke House Deli. Early May, I had the pleasure of attending a live demo by Chef Glyston at the workshop organised by the GoodFood Magazine, India, and was dying to try out the mascarpone ice cream made by him at the event. My version is similar to his except I used low fat cream instead of double cream and I used fresh mango pulp instead of the canned variety. To reduce the pulp, keep it on medium heat on a heavy bottom saucepan, and let it simmer till all the water particles are evaporated (takes about 20-25 minutes).

Mascarpone's silky thickness lends a custard like texture to the ice cream, without the trouble of cooking the custard. It's a no churn ice cream. Fairly easy to put together and fuss free.

Mango Mascarpone Ice Cream
150 grams mango pulp (reduced)(approximately of 2 mangoes)
200 grams mascarpone cheese (I used homemade, check the recipe here)
225 grams double cream (I used Amul low fat cream), whipped
100 grams sugar (reduce or add more depending upon the sweetness of mangoes)
2 cups of cubed alphonsos (optional) (approximately 2 mangoes)

In a bowl, beat the mascarpone and sugar, with a wooden spoon, till it is creamy and smooth. Add the mango pulp and beat till incorporated. Stir in the whipped cream with quick folds and add the cubed alphonso. Pour the mixture in a bowl, cover and freeze for 5-6 hours or till the ice cream sets.


  1. Mango Ice Cream!! Our favourite too! Mangoes are my family favourite too, we are lucky that we can have it whole year round. Your mango ice cream with mascarpone cheese sound so creamy and yummy! It would last long in my house too! :)

  2. ice cream with cheese....looks so so creamy n delicious...full of flavors !!!!!

  3. Oh wow! Look at that creamy texture & all the beautiful sunny color of those mangoes! I can imagine how delicious is this ice cream! YUMMY! Have a nice day, Anuja! Hugs ! :)

  4. Creamy and chunky! Love mango ice cream.

  5. This looks delicious and summery. I like the addition of mascarpone cheese.

  6. mmm... mango and mascarpone. Delicious combination. X

  7. i love the sound of mascarpone in ice cream, must be so creamy and smoooth!! your family is indeed hungry mango eaters!! LOL!


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